Add-on products for swimming pools

Salt Chlorinators

  • Standard chlorinator
  • Self-cleaning chlorinator

A saltwater chlorinator uses a process a electrolysis to convert high purity salt into chlorine-gas, which then sanitizes your pool water. This significantly reduces the amount and varity of chemicals you need to use in your pool which is why many people have started using them to maintain their pool quality.
Saltwater pools have lower levels of chlorine, which can be less harsh on the skin or allergies compared to pool chemicals.


Spa jets generate air and water to increase the buoyancy of the water and target certain body part where pain & stiffness are common, like neck, shoulder, back & calves 


Under water LED light 

  •  Under water LED light one colour, white or blue
  • Three different colours LED light or four different colours or seven different colours with remote 

Solar pool heating panel

Solar pool heaters use thermal energy from the sun to warm pool water. Similar to solar photovoltaic (PV). solar panels heat the water in your pool are typically mounted on your house roof. Water from your pool is pumped through a filter and up the solar collectors on your roof

Freestanding curved C waterfall feature

Stainless steel freestanding curved c spout lends to ultimate almost silent waterfall for the most refined therapeutic value.

  • Small 350mm wide to 480mm height
  • Large 450mm wide to 780mm height

Stainless LED spout waterfall feature

The LED spout has built in LED strip lite illuminating the water sheet from underneath the water flow. LED spouts is available in standard stock size from 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 & 200mm lenght

Pool lounge chair

 Experience relaxation with our luxurious lounge chair in your swimming pool

Large hand rail

Stainless steel hand rail for swimming pool 

Small hand rail

Stainless steel hand rail for swimming pool

Curve hand rail

Stainless steel hand rail for swimming pool

Safety pool net

 Pool net colours black and blue

Safety PVC pool cover


Rock filter cover

Filter cover with lid